Introducing: Fan x Fridays💭🔥

Kicking off '19 with some refreshing content, as part of our brand promise to support Creatives and Artists, we decided to launch our weekly Fan x Fridays inspo series, where we will be featuring the most notable works from creatives and fashion enthusiasts from our most prominent supporters and followers, By you and for you!

The inspo Series, will be posted on our instagram stories, as well as shared bi-weekly with our 10k email subscribers and on our Official Blog!

Now without further due, our most notable picks from this week's Fan x Friday!

1. Zack Gray. Producer and singer from Las Vegas, Nevada, Zack has managed to captivate the ears of quite notable artists and youtube music channels such as DYNMK and recently get to 500000 monthly spotify streams. His recent single "Idontwannabeyourfriend" is definitely one of our favorites!

2. Rashmi, a fashion enthusiast based in US, has definitely caught our eye with her modern aesthetic and ability to mix everyday styles with dress luxurious looks. Be sure to check her out.

3. Yasmin, an aspiring designer from Edmonton, Canada has been making waves with her new urban Outro clothing line and we love the cool and comfy look of the hoodies!

4. Allan Leewis is an urban fashion blogger from Paris with quite a unique style, that mixes both streetwear and luxury worlds perfectly. One of our favorite looks below.

  1. Jeyo, an aspiring artist from Edmonton, has been making quite some buzz with his first newly released singles "Don't Make it Stop" and "Everyday", bringing together hip-hop, classic RnB and even some Jazz/blues influences, all of which add to unique and modern sound. We are looking forward to hear some more sauce soon.

6. Rebournefit, a fitness and fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur from Toronto, has definitely caught our attention with his ultra creative and unique shots, that are very clean and minimal in nature.

7. Theserbfromedm alongside allthingstk, 780prince and realsamsonbrown have recently released their long anticipated single "Henny Bottle Sippin' that's been making some waves in the city of Yeg. We absolutely all in for our locals and are looking forward to see even more from the talented group!

8. B.r.u.u, an Edmonton based fitness and fashion enthusiast has been one of our Official Ambassadors since Day 1 and has been absolutely crushing it with his latest streetwear and dapper looks on instagram. Be sure to give him a follow.

9. Grady Wallace, is definitely not a novice in the scene of Art and Creativity, and his one of a kind spray paint and neon light artwork installations have been making a lotta buzz in Edmonton, as well as all over Canada. If you are looking for some real inspo, he is definitely one of our favorites!

 10. Diana all the way from Russia has also captivated us recently with her quirky and unordinary photography and fashion looks, always interesting to see styles from different parts of the world!

11. And our last pick for the week is Sehaj Singh, photographer from Montreal, who is bringing unique perspectives on seemingly ordinary things, people and streets of Canada. His artistic vision is not to be overlooked.

Stay tuned for our next Fan x Friday! Be sure to follow our instagram stories for your chance to get featured every Friday!

Inka Olaogun
Founder/Creative Lead