TOP 8 Custom Gift Ideas for Your Next Special Occasion


With your signature engraving.

Personalized items have always been a staple stone in gift industry and it is of expected, our first personalized luxury watch collection would make an irreplaceable addition to your next special occasion, be it your friend’s birthday, Christmas or even an anniversary with your beloved one. Made with the utmost craftsmanship in mind and with the assistance with some of the top of the line Gold Smiths and engravers, we were able to deliver a unique piece, that is to be one to remember.



A memory, bottled. 

It is said a picture is worth a thousand a words yet a scent is priceless. A fragrances invaluable property can transport you back to that cherished moment, a feeling that you once thought lost but never forgotten.However, all is not lost. With the assistance of a master perfumer at L’artisan you can capture and obtain an aroma unique to a loved one, ideal for that special occasion.


To explore the fragrances at L’artisan is to initiate an olfactory journey. Before beginning this journey you may start with one iconic fragrance L’Eau d’Ambre. An aroma suited to one that finds deep solace in the pursuit of sensuality. With notes of benzoin, patchouli and tonka beans allow yourself to be carried along the old silk road with only the trail of spice merchants to lead the way. The allure of an Arabian night can be distilled in not only the intimate perfume but a wide range of body products and home fragrances. All uniquely encased in personalised bottles to your specification. 





Whether your nearest and dearest are frequent flyers or burgeoning jetsetters, going on holiday is not truly hassle free. So, there’s only one destination to equip that special someone with their essential travel accessories.

Aspinal of London has always been revered for their exceptionally handcrafted luxury leather goods and their Classic Travel Wallet does not fail. Selected from the finest saffiano leather tanned using traditional methods illustrates timeless craftsmanship paired with modern necessity. The sleek design opens up to reveal multiple compartments for passport, boarding pass and travellers cheques so nothing is ever out of reach. For those still seeking a more detailed touch then Aspinal’s provide onsite embroidering of initials and a range of colours and textures to suit all styles.




Bestow upon your loved one a gift to tempt their senses into a garden perfumed by the intense aroma of wild flowers and summer berries. A Diptyque’s candle allows any space to be enriched and enlivened with the distilled essence of nature. Fragrances sourced from the far flung corners of the botanical world are encapsulated in the well crafted glassware that has become Diptyque’s signature. This personalised gift is inclusive of the unique wrapping design essential to heighten the unwrapping experience for that favoured person and personalised inscriptions can be left to be discovered. 





Good things come in small packages but even greater things come in a small red box from Cartier. Diabolo de Cartier pen is a symbol of refined taste and a masterpiece in fine accessories. Crafted in either lacquer, mother of pearl, solid gold or hardstone each pen can encapsulate the bearers characteristics. An engraved message can embellish this unique writing instrument so your loved one can remember this token fondly.



The symbolic pattern of Louis Vuitton is widely acknowledged and envied around the world but now there is the chance to take this global design and embellish it with your own style. Using coloured stripes and up to four initials you can transform the small agenda into the individual birthday present must have. 



To cater for the sweet toothed ones in our lives Ladurée provides a classical collection to entertain any taste palette. Comprised of eight individually crafted macarons with a choice of flavours ranging from the exotic pineapple to the indulgent chocolate hazelnut, all gift wrapped within the Pampille chandelier that is emblematic of the French patisserie. Intimate messages can even be adorned on the receiver’s macaron to commemorate any occasion.




New from the prestigious champagne house of Veuve Clicquot comes a limited edition giftbox to take pride of place in any home. The arrow shaped tin is customisable to be inscribed with any location of your choice with the distance to Reims (birthplace of our favourite champagne) detailed. Whether the distance is great or small everyone can be gifted the crisp, full bodied flavours that we have come to enjoy from the iconic yellow label. 


That is it for now. We hope our mini-guide will get your next ocassion as memorable as it could be. Stay tuned for more.

Inka Olaogun
Founder/Creative Lead